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About Me

Experienced in Android development (using java and kotlin) and also iOS development (using swift). Live in Surabaya, the city of heroes. Graduated from STTS university with distinction (magna cum laude, GPA 3.80 / 4.00). Working on Bizzow as a Mobile App Developer.

I'm making an Android app for police too. This app help police to choose the best action depend on police's rule.


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2016 - Sekarang

Mobile App Developer

I'm making an app for Android and also iOS for manage some scheduling job. In Android i'm using Java and iOS i'm using swift. In this app, there is some feature : - User can change status of job into "start", " on-hold" and "complete" (this is only sent ordinary rest api to server) - User can attach some note on that job (this is sent form url encoded rest api to server) - User can attach some photo to make sure he did the job, and also user can edit the photo and draw something to make it clear. - User can attach handwriting signature - User can attach recorded audio - User can see the direction from where user be into the job location - When admin on central office (from this case from web side) deleted user account, and then on mobile it will be automatically kicked and back to login state. - This data is realtime (if there is internet connection) because using websocket - This app can running on offline state too, so user can still operate the app, like changing status, add note, photo, signature, audio and also login when there is no internet connection. On iOS, i'm using : - Alamofire for sent rest api, download and upload - RxSwift to make thread management more readable and easier - Crashlytics to know if there is a crash when user use the app - Google maps sdk and api to show the map and also the direction (i know ios has mapkit as default map but i believe that google maps is more accurate) - Realm for local database - SwiftWebSocket to listen the websocket - Snapkit (still not implemented but soon) to help me make autolayout from code On Android i'm using : - RxJava to make thread management more readable and easier - Dagger for dependency injection - Realm for local database - Retrofit to sent rest api and upload - OkHttp to listen the websocket - Joda time to help me manage date time - Universal Image loader to download the image Android i'm using MVP pattern and for iOS i'm using VIPER

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Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Surabaya

2012 - 2016

Teknik Informatika

I'm graduated with GPA 3.80 / 4.00. My final project is making a game with name "Kehidupan Mahasiswa STTS". This game is turn based RPG. In this game you can choose 1 character and play it until the character pass the college or the character die. From first and until i finish my college, i'm in love with Android development (btw on iOS too, but still new around 1 year). For now, i keep learning the new technology for Android and iOS.