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About Me

I love languages. I am proficient in english, chinese and indonesian. I understand a little Spanish. Translating, editing and writing are what I love doing.

Riwayat Pekerjaan

Kriya Komunika

2015 - 2015


Translating annual reports from Indonesian to English and occasionally from English to Indonesian. Translations included, among others, company profile, GCG, CSR and Management Discussion and Analysis.


2014 - 2015

Subtitle Translator (Freelance)

Translating English subtitles to Indonesian

Home Center Indonesia

2015 - 2015


Translating company's documents such as policies, SOP, Quality Manual, etc from Indonesian to English

Exquisite Media

2015 - 2015

Junior Editor

Writing and editing articles (in English) related to luxury lifestyle and travel (Asia Dreams magazine) and food & fine dining (Exquisite Taste magazine). Also, writing articles for Wealth & Beyond and Celebrate Jakarta magazines.


2016 - Sekarang

Content Writer

Creating website contents, blogs, newsletters, engagement emails, company profile, knowledge management contents and other materials requested by the company (in both English and Indonesian languages)

Riwayat Pendidikan

University of Leicester (UK)

2013 - 2014

English Language and Linguistics

Master of Arts in English Language and Linguistics

Beijing Language & Culture University

2011 - 2013

Chinese Language

College Certificate in Chinese Language

Unika Atma Jaya

2007 - 2011

English for Education