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My name is Muhammad Ichsan Ramadhan, and I'm always excited to develop myself to meet new experiences. I'm a creative person who always try to find something new and develop it to something that relatable for others as always looking to build the future. A dreamer who also a risk-taker. Interested in engagements with people and culture to understand what markets need. In order to achieve those, I dedicated myself to do some researches which require me to be a hard worker, responsible, flexible person.


Riwayat Pekerjaan

ROI! Radio

2015 - 2017

Managing Editor

Roi! is a Bandung-based converged media which includes audio and graphic information about urban lifestyle and music. Roi!’s objective is to accentuate creative industries in Indonesia, especially Bandung to be known by teenagers to young adults. My responsibilities include issues plotting, manage the flow of the team, arrange meetings, editing, innovating, and to ensure the team always have creative mood.

CASA Indonesia

2018 - Sekarang

Content Writer

CASA Indonesia is a media for architecture and interior design enthusiasts. We provide information about those two worlds in form of printed magazine and online website. As a part of MRA Media Group CASA Indonesia have been in the business for more than ten years.

Riwayat Pendidikan

Universitas Padjadjaran

2012 - 2017

Sastra Perancis

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July 2017
Terima kasih atas kerjasamanya, Ichsan!guidemedia
IDR 486,000
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Penulis Ulang Artikel - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5
May 2017
Kinerja bagus dan kami puas dengan hasil yang diberikan. Semoga bisa dilanjutkan kerjasamanyaguidemedia
IDR 236,250
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Penulis Ulang Artikel - #2
April 2017
Hasil pengerjaan bagus. Kami rehire untuk proyek selanjutnyaguidemedia
IDR 139,500