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Lead Copywriter for PT AIA ...

About Me

More than 4 years of experience in the Marketing field, with a focus on branding & advertising.
Love to tell good stories; from developing a clear and concise customer journey, realizing the expected experience, to build a sense of security and trust from the customers.

I believe a good message is a clear message: how to make the most antipathic readers understand your points in less than 3 seconds amidst all the digital noises and competitors' ads going on.

The stars I got is based on my personal work ethics: I strive for no less than a high quality of work, strong business acumen to understand my client's needs, and strong brand ownership for putting myself if I were the business owner.


Riwayat Pekerjaan

Idenya Flux Creative Agency

2016 - Sekarang

Lead Copywriter

Responsible with all the contents for internal and external communication which will be the final deliverables to the clients. *Developing campaign ideas & creative collaterals *Reviewing & analyzing customer behavior pattern *Producing video, visual & textbased ads *Supervising digital & social media activity *Assigned as a dedicated team to numerous big brands, including: AIA, Citilink, Mastercard, Pegadaian, Honeywell, MU Weber, BNI Life, and many more.

Riwayat Pendidikan

Universitas Indonesia

2007 - 2013


Fakultas Ekonomi, Jurusan Management, konsentrasi Marketing.

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Saya membutuhkan Jasa Brand Naming
July 2021
Terima kasih bapak Sergio, kami sangat puas dengan hasil yang diperoleh. Very Recommended.wiwikseptri
IDR 900,000
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Paket: Penulisan Profil Perusahaan Bahasa Indonesia - Premium
June 2021
Terima kasih Pak sergiwillyexacom
IDR 1,000,000
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Paket Pembuatan Nama Brand - #2
March 2021
Terimakasih atas kerjasamanya, hasilnya sangat bagus.harsonotusar
IDR 900,000