Rizki Wardhana

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Riwayat Pekerjaan

PT. Perada Swara Productions (Megapro Communications)

2015 - Sekarang

Digital Media Officer

1. Developing and maintaining company or client social media in order to engage with people whose joined in company or client social media. Focus with strategy and content plan. 2. Developing and updating company website to provide updated information for public. 3. Creating program to engage the social media’s participants. 4. Analyzing and reporting the social media update to team. 5. Creating news release about company achievement and publish it to related media or partner and support in the drafting and distribution of press releases (news release), media alerts and case studies. 6. Delivering exciting marketing content on social media, web and audio visual platforms. 7. Assist in planning, writing and distribution of the monthly newsletter and quarterly stakeholder newsletter. 8. Build relationships and work effectively with team members to develop appropriate web content to promote the charity and to implement the use of new digital and social media. 9. Creating communication and online marketing strategies for project/programmes. 10. Assist in the development and implementation of the strategic direction and plans for the organization’s online and digital presence. 11. Develop, monitoring and updating brand guidelines for the organization/company. 12. Ensure that the company’s web and digital presence complments the objectives 13. Provide advice on best pratices on web marketing and new media including email campaigns, online newsletters and SEO. 14. Creating, managing and archiving photographic and video content for the company. 15. Appropriately distributing photographic and video content. 16. Engaging with and supporting the internal team members by providing photography and videography services. 17. Preparing and delivering training on communication channels. 18. Providing photography, video, brand and web content support to staff.

PT. Prapancha Research

2014 - 2014

Junior Researcher

Branding editorial at mass media (Print, Electronic, Radio and Online) Reference: 1. Devie Rahmawati (CEO Prapancha Research, PR Practitioner, Lecturer University of Indonesia) - [email protected] 2. Dadi Krismatono (Senior Staff Prapancha Research, Editor in Chief Bloomberg Business Week Magazine Indonesia) - [email protected] 3. Fenty Effendi (Senior Staff Prapancha Research, Former Journo, Writer) - [email protected] 4. Diu Oktora (Senior Staff Prapancha Research, Former Journo, Writer, Media Relations) - [email protected]

PT. Radio Swara Rhadana Dunia (Radio A 96,7 FM Jakarta)

2013 - 2013

Reporter/Junior Digital Strategist

Coverage event and handle social media. Reference: 1. 1. Devie Rahmawati (CEO Prapancha Research, PR Practitioner, Lecturer University of Indonesia, Former COO Radio A 96,7 FM) - [email protected] 2. Ferry Arta Kusuma (Former Senior Digital Strategist Radio A 96,7 FM) - [email protected]

PT. Nata Sarana Adhika Cipta (Free Magazine)

2012 - 2012

Reporter on Web

Coverage event and maintain website content. Reference: 1. Agapitus Riantinus Ayesda a.k.a Vinodii (Editor on Web, Nightlife Photographer) - [email protected]

PT. Pituari Inspira Semesta (Uncluster Webzine)

2010 - 2014

Jakarta Contributor

Coverage music concert in Jakarta. Reference: 1. Ike Yulia Martha (Executive Editor Uncluster Webzine) - [email protected]/[email protected]

Riwayat Pendidikan

Institute of Social Science and Political Science Jakarta

2010 - 2014


My latest grade point average (GPA) is 3,02. My thesis title is Production Process of Multiplatform Journalistic (Case Studies at Free Magazine)

Leuwiliang 01 Senior High School

2007 - 2010

Social Science

I'm the outstanding student for non-academic (with certificate)