Ramli Ramadaud

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Riwayat Pekerjaan

PT Limbang Ganeca

1995 - 1996


Menangani masalah Arus cash, payroll and budgetting

Pt. Bumi Indah Permai/Sumbawa

1996 - 1999

Foreman Storeman

Responsibilities 1. Coordinate with the purchasing and transportation / Equipment for stock goods in warehouse 2. Make the initial and final reports with report card stock in warehouse 3. Making of the list for the maintenance of heavy equipment in replacement parts and when to overhaul. 4.Membuat monthly reports for all the activities that take place in the procurement of goods 5. Perform risk analysis in the procurement of goods that do not need to be in stock

PT. Bapindo Bumi Securitas

2000 - 2001

Account Executive

Responsibilities 1. Finding New Customers 2. Analyzing the stock will go up or down with the technical means 3. Provide recommendation to sell or buy shares of a potential rise Accomplishments 1. Getting potential customers in Samarinda 2. One of the brokers who excel 3. Provide more advantages than disadvantages for customers Skills Used Manajemen Pemasaran, Manajemen Risk and Capability anlisis

PT Rusianto Shipping/PT Wira Ariand

2002 - 2011

AB/ Chief officer

Responsibilities 1. Prepare and ensure that the barge is ready to do the loading of oil from Pertamina depot chicago 2. Accompanying surveyors in calculating the total charge contained diesel oil 3. Help Captain in charge and brought the order arrives safely at the destination and ensure charge included not reduced 4. Coordinate with the demise in the solar unload. 5. Able to work with all the crew on top tugboot and barge crew 6. Ensure both crewlist letter mail and cargo manifests are complete Accomplishments 1. Never get complaints from both parties in the affairs of the charterer or cargo travel time. 2. Recognized by the owner to be able to maintain and care for her fleet 3. Never get fray with all the crew on board. Skills Used Management Shipping and administration capabilities

PT BISM coal

2011 - 2014

Shipping Executive

Responsibilities 1.1. Receiving orders from headquarters in Jakarta for the preparation of coal transhipment will do. With the start of preparation Tugboot / Barge by contacting the owner of the fleet. 2. Monitor the departure Tugboot / Barge to the jetty for loading and coordinate the shipping section in the mine on departure this fleet so that timely 3. Coordinate with the general agent of the certainty of the coming of Mother vessel to prevent delay of coal loaded by TB / BG. 4. Prepare and coordinate with the stevedoring 5. Coordinate with the surveyors in the draft survey and sampling 6. Perform Negotiations with the Master in the mother vessel, airud, Navy seals 7. Check for other coal mines if the company will buy coal from somewhere else if from mine own is not enough stock. 8. Perform outage if there is coal burning.

Riwayat Pendidikan

Politeknik Negeri Samarinda

1993 - 1996

Business Administration

skill yg dipelajari administrasi, akuntansi and management inventory

BP2IPD Barombong

2008 - 2008


Elementary seaman and ANT 5