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About Me

Pernah menjadi reporter berita ekonomi di Koran Seputar Indonesia (SINDO) 2013-2015. Pernah menjadi analis di Unit Kerja Presiden 2014. Alumni Universitas Indonesia 2010 dan Incheon Hawaii University 2013

Riwayat Pekerjaan

Unit Kerja Presiden Bidang Pengawasan dan Pengendalian Pembangunan

2014 - 2015

Participation Analyst

National Aspiration Complaint Handling System (LAPOR!) Division. The system is integrated with 82 ministries/public institutions in Indonesia. • Analyzed the reports from Indonesian society (about 300 cases per day) on various issues (health, social welfare, infrastructure, maritime, law, environment, and energy). Also, monitored 17 ministries every month and created a monthly report.

Koran Seputar Indonesia

2013 - Sekarang

News Reporter

A daily newspaper about Indonesia provided the news concerning politics, economics, area, hattrick, and lifestyle issues. • Provided the news reports, interviewed people, and did the research for youth segmentation. Worked in a team or independently with a tight deadline. • Participated in Indonesia-Malaysia Youth Forum 2014, Media Representative for University of Queensland in Maritime Research • Gold Winner category Best National in Indonesia Young Readers Award 2015, Batam.

Riwayat Pendidikan

Universitas Indonesia

2010 - 2014

Political Philosophy

• 1 year scholarship by PPA-BBM Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture. • 1 term merit-based scholarship by PT. Data Print Accolades: Best Student 2013 by Faculty of Humanities UI, Qualitative Researcher for Innovation of Agroindustry in Jember-Banyuwangi, Inspiration Days Blog Competition 2011, 3rd winner Cultural Festival FIB UI, 3rd Winner PKM Scientific Article Competition, Bintang Pop UI 2013, Adviser for creating social project in Leadership Training FIB UI, 2nd International Conference on Human Rights in Southeast Asia 2012, Youth International Conference on Integrity Jakarta 2013, and Indonesian Delegation for International Youth Peace 2013 Nepal.