Mohammad Rizky

English Japanese Sundanese

About Me

I used to lived in Sydney Australia for About 12 Years since I Graduate from High School due to Family Matter I can not continue my studies. I am pretty FIT person with this Age

Riwayat Pekerjaan

Kamogawa Japanesse Cuisine

1996 - 1998

Kitchen Porter

Helping the Chef's making the sushi rice, Double check reservation, and Polish cutlery

Mail Call

1996 - 2004

Bike Messenger

Delivery Important Document to a Clientelle, Knowing the street well, Must be FIT

The Cambridge

1993 - 1996

Porter / Front Desk

Helping the Guest with their Luggage and also Helping Front desk to Confirmed the Booked Room for the Arriving of the Guest

Visy Recycling

2004 - 2009


Making sure the Plantation is working with scheduled also making a report at the End of the day for the General Manager to Check. Must knowing how to Operated Plant Vehicle or Equipment

Riwayat Pendidikan

high school

1992 - 1994


Loraine Martin

1995 - 1995

English Course

English Course