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About Me

• Energic, spontaneous and confident. The magic three words that can describe about me.I never run out my energy to feel all of the conditions and also able to face the difficulty of them. I’ll do it.

Riwayat Pekerjaan

condominium graha famili

2009 - 2010


As the frontline of the company, I represented the hospitality environment. The main purpose of the job is to bring a positive image for tenants and to provide all services that are on the list of first contact service. There were many aspect of condominium’s job, such as • Greeted A smiliing face are really important. I had to calm, friendly and confident at the same time. • Answered telephone and in-person queries related to condo services I was expected to address every incoming call for company. On a call, I had to maintain proper etiquette so I shouldn’t sound casual on the phone. • Liaised with other department • Handled monthly payment/fees (service charges, water&electricity bill,etc) • Tended the tenants needs and able to deal with diificult tenants Additionally, receptionist were expected to perform includes update shift diaries, report maintenance issues, manage records and perform filling activities.

haryono tours and travel

2010 - 2012

staff tour

My role were responsible for promoting domestic tourism, organising holiday tour and sometimes arranging the company gathering. My following tasks are • answered the questions from tourist, visitors, in person , over the phone, via email/online • made suggestions on tours, travel routes, accomodation & local attractions. • confirmed customers names with airline/hotels • liased with coach operator, airlines, hoteliers • decided how many holidays to sell each season • produced brochures about domestic tourism • provided pricing information • handled booking, invoicing & issuing of tour tickets • marketed holidays to clients via websites & brochures • predicted profit of bookings

Riwayat Pendidikan

university of brawijaya

2005 - 2008

japanese language and literature

• I went to Brawijaya University at 2005. I studied at Language and Literature Departement, majoring in Japanese Language. At 2009, I graduated with ‘ very satisfying’ grade. I used to learn Japanese Characters (hiragana, katakana, and kanji), Japanese words, Various Cultures, Uniquely customs of them, etc. • It’s not only Japanese Language I’ve learn’t, but also another languages like English and Mandarin. • When I was student, I was also work as a freelancer. I gad so many freelance jobs such as private teacher (both English and Japanese), textbook translator (my customers were mostly the student from another University) and sometimes involved in some events being liaison officer.