Margaretha Megawindriati

Editorial and Writing
Indonesia, DKI Jakarta
English Indonesian

About Me

Passion saya dibidang editorial dan penulisan konten dimulai semenjak tahun 2014 (awal dimana saya kuliah dan bekerja magang di salah satu koran milik swasta di DKI Jakarta).
Adapun, beberapa project yang pernah saya tangani secara langsung adalah:
1. Editorial konten untuk Rubik Bisnis dan Ekonomi pada KORAN SINDO
2. Social Media Management (Content & Writing) untuk CIGNA Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)

Riwayat Pekerjaan


0 - Sekarang

Corporate Communication and Branding

Manage important relationship with press, users, influencers, bloggers, and analysts; Educate all stakeholders about the products and the initiatives; Drive positive coverage acreoss a broad range of media (online & offline); Protect & enhance the reputation of the brand; Consult regularly with with the CEO & ensuring that proper alignment is in place; Organise press release, press briefing, media sessions, & events; Develop & maintain solid relationship with government, media reps; Create, develop print & online articles, & other marketing collaterals; Determine communication strategy & Execute programs to deliver the objectives; Create creative content that’s optimized for search engines; Ensure regular assessment with partners and taking appropriate actions to prevent or mitigate issues


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Personal Consultant for Personal Branding (Freelancer)

As a steering committee content for Online & Offline; Represented as a speaker in tutoring for Social Media and Digital Marketing in West Java Area

CleverAds Google Premier Partner

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Digital Account Strategist

Execute all phases of sales cycle, such as lead database, sales call, presentation, proposal, and campaign implementation; Consult clients to use our online marketing solutions, services, and maintain relationship; Maintain and Optimize the Accounts; Work collaboratively with internal team

CIGNA Expatriate Benefits

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Digital Communications Freelancer

Social Media Management; Work collaboratively with internal team (Technical support team and Creative Team); Took Online Training for percolate (London) SMM Platform at CIGNA 2014

Media Nusantara Citra

0 - 0

Editorial Internship for KORAN SINDO

Riwayat Pendidikan

Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Indonesia Kwik Kian Gie

2014 - 2017

Ilmu Komunikasi - Broadcasting