Fitria Malinda Sary

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PT Prowrite Indonesia

2011 - Sekarang

CMMS Database Administrator

Below are my scopes: 1. Develop Asset Integrity List and ensure database availability & integrity of all items for all building systems. 2.Develop Spare Part List based on SPIR/SPIL, BOM, Drawings, etc. 3.Maintain all project related documents for CMMS task, such as Datasheet, Drawings, SPIR/SPIL, & Vendor/manufacturer's documents. 4. Familiar with documentation conversion or tidy-up document. 5. Familiar to create a bilingual procedures/Indonesia's Regulations (Indonesia-English)

Riwayat Pendidikan

Politeknik Batam

2015 - Sekarang

D4 Administrasi Bisnis Terapan

Business Administration, which integrates administrative capabilities with the ability to work and task resource management in a working system and the ability to communicate orally and in writing in a foreign language that is reliable and works with the use of information technology to the fullest.