Yohanes Sefrianto

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About Me

Saya hanyalah manusia yang sedang mencari makna hidup, arti napas, yang sedang belajar mencari arti kehadiran demi kehadiran dan kepergian demi kepergian

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Riwayat Pendidikan

Universitas Gunadarma
2003 - 2008

Teknik Informatika

Riwayat Pekerjaan

PT Malindo Feedmill Tbk
2014 - Sekarang

Data Analis

- Interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports - Develop and implement data collection systems and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and data quality - Acquire data from primary or secondary data sources - Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets - Filter and “clean” data, and review computer reports, printouts, and performance indicators to locate and correct code problems - Work closely with management to prioritize business and information needs - Locate and define new process improvement opportunities

PPM Manajemen - PT Binaman Utama
2009 - 2013

IT Staf - Project Support

- E-Recruitment Website Administrator; Updates Database and made the announcement - Process Database E-Recruitment using ms.excel or ms.access - Troubleshooting LAN, Hardware / Software Computer (Maintenance IT Infrastructure Division) - CCTV Operators for Interview Purposes and Editing Video as necessary Reports Results for The Client - Web-based Application Administrator (Harrison Assessment; Psychology Tool Test) - Facilitate the needs of IT Infrastructure Division, related to the project which will run

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