Kezia Rafinska

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Milestone Integrated

2014 - 2014

Social Media Strategist & Copywriter Internship

Create Social Media Content from Batik Danar Hadi Include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Create an Activation for boost up the followers

Unilever Indonesia

2014 - 2015

Unilever Internship Program (Sustainable Living at Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition)

1) Responsible to design and create contents for Panduan Sekolah Sehat 2) Responsible to design One Look Concept for Program Sekolah Sehat dan Program Pasar Sehat 3) Remind YUI's Mitra to send some report to YUI esp for Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition 4) YUI's mitra social media monitoring and summarize mitra's social media report. 5) Responsible to design flash web banner for Unilever Creative Blog Competition which cooperate with Kompasiana. 6) Responsible to design backdrop for Family Day, YUI's Annual Report sertificate and Bright Future T-Shirt 7) Responsible to put all SA's colleagues card name into database 8) Reponsible to help STK in arrange and compile presentation for Symposium Private Sector Partnership in Disaster Resilience

Richi Convensindo Event Organizer

2015 - 2015

Brand Strategist & Social Media Strategist (Freelance)

Give some suggestion for client's social media for their campaign strategy Personal branding conceptor for client's self promotion (ex: campaign/roadshow)

Riwayat Pendidikan

Universitas Indonesia

2011 - 2015


Bachelor of Social Science, Communication program majoring at Advertising