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Liquid Mobile (

2014 - 2015

senior social media officer

I hit clients (mostly restaurant/F&B)'s social media in order to make them good sailing in digital oceans. Happy voyage!

Neo Fusion Indonesia (

2013 - 2014

DIgital Copywriter

I write creative content based on clients marketing's target and needs, such as website, social media content, and digital marketing tools.

HAI Magazine (

2012 - 2013

Editorial Staff

I make weekly theme for my desk (I used lead Education Desk & Movie Desk), research for material to write, and make it happens to another desk in one weekly magazine(and online daily website). Whoosa!

Intuisi Coorporation (

2010 - 2011


My first career in creative writing industry! Advertising agencies routinely refer to a written script as copy, thus the name copywriter applies to those who create the scripts. Many times a copywriter must work under tight space or timing constraints, so a degree of creativity and the ability to think under pressure is also a helpful trait. The idea is to use language to enhance the image of a product or create a desired mood. During a typical commercial production, the copywriter works closely with the client and other creative team members to generate ideas. From those brainstorming sessions comes a working script which will set the tone for the other elements -- video, music, narration, acting and so on.

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