D Mohamad Irfan

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Riwayat Pekerjaan

Sygma Creative Media Corp

2014 - Sekarang

Corporate Learning and Development Manager

handles the learning and professional development of an organisation's workforce. help with the ongoing, long-term improvement of employees' skills, enabling them to fulfil their potential within their organisation. Increasingly, training and development officers are required to be strategic rather than reactive, assessing the skills and knowledge within an organisation and determining what training is needed to grow and retain these skills. deliver the training by themselves or arrange for a third party trainer to do so.

PT. Pasir Intan (Grand Pacific)

2013 - 2014

Corporate Human Resources Manager

Oversees the full scope of human resources. Directs staff in the areas of: organizational structure, employment, compensation, employee database maintenance, payroll, benefits administration, employee relations, orientation/training/development, and policy/procedure development. Oversees development and monitoring of the human resources division budget. Provides management support to the union or activities director as needed. (because of my Master study, I had to take off for a while from hospitality industries)

PT. Madani Investama (Sahira)

2012 - 2013

Corporate Human Resources Manager

leads Human Resources practices and objectives that will provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and standards, goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce. coordinates implementation of services, policies, and programs through Human Resources staff; reports to the CEO and serves on the executive management team; and assists and advises company managers about Human Resources issues. guides and manages the overall provision of Human Resources services, policies, and programs for the entire company. Determine short term- and long term programs that deals with Human Resources Department regarding the holding company or corporate

PT. Para Bandung Propertindo (Transcorp-Trans Hotel)

2011 - 2012

STAR Officer

Opening Team) Pick up teams with English skill are above average, when posible, excellent.Mostly can speak more than one foreign language. Set up guest rooms phones Set up extention call, Available work with MICROS, FCS e-connect, FCS UBIS/Billing, Opera PMS.

Zeven Dagen Cafe&Resto

2010 -

Learning and Quality Controller (Reqruitment Officer)

(Opening Team)Pick and select new employee with good skill and attitude. Introduce the meaning of hospitality. Train and control the staff’s quality exspecially their motivation to work and their attitude towards guests. Train staff with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to carry out work-related tasks. Provide with ongoing, long-term improvement of employees' skills, enabling them to fulfil their potential within their organisation.

Riwayat Pendidikan

STIE Pasundan Bandung

2013 - Sekarang

Magister Manajemen

Perkuliahan tingkat Magister pendalaman pada bidang pengembangan system dan organisasi serta segala sumberdaya yang ada di dalamnya.

Bandung Business School

2010 - 2013


S1 Manajemen

Philipps Univerasity of Marburg, Germany

20001 - 2004

Human Biology