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I'm designer, web developer, and Linuxer :)

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STT Mandala
2001 - 2005

Teknik Informatika

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2014 - Sekarang

Founder and GM

Kabisat.Com is Portal Events and Business Directory. This website contains information about events such as seminars, workshop, talkshow, expo, training, etc. In addition, this website also contains information on business locations such as hotel, office, cafe, restaurant, school, shop, etc.

2013 - Sekarang


WarungOke.Com is one concept Invoice Online Store with E-mail that is specifically built from the blog with a domain that is specifically reserved for the needs Shop Online. Assisted with the PHP script is embedded in the hosting as a bridge or through a shopping cart transaction processing in WarungOke.Com.

cv. bit
2011 - Sekarang

Founder and Web Developer

Bagonjong IT or Bagonjong Information Technology or BIT is the Information Technology company and officially established on October 20, 2011 (20102011) and start a business by offering Linux training services and development of software-based systems in a Linux kernel Open Source Software Migration activities in several government agencies in the province of West Sumatra.

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