Dwi Hananto Setiyawan

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About Me

My name Dwi. An independent Communications Consultant with diverse interest and capability. Like to explore new things and to work hard. Having many hobbies, especially anything involving book and history

My experiences mostly around communications activities.

Need my help? Drop your request anytime and we'll negotiate further.

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Riwayat Pekerjaan

PT Donggi-Senoro LNG

2011 - 2014

Media & Institutional Relations

• Develop regular situation analysis and communications strategy • Accompany corporate spokesperson on public activities and equip them with communications tools • Become spokesperson on behalf of corporate • Handle for corporate communications programs and activities • Establish good relations with local and national journalist (media) • Monitoring of local and national media coverage • Responsible for documentation of project activities • Managing relationships with external parties; government institutions and non government institutions, such as associations (business and professionals), parliamentarians, non-government organizations and/or civil society organizations, international agencies/organizations, army, police and university/academia • Ensure appropriate relationships between company and institutional parties are in place by maintaining good company images and reputation • Monitor and the situation that occur within the sphere of engagement • Select and identify potential proposals related to sponsorship or charity submitted by institutions, including government bodies, and provide suggestions with justification to Management which ones to participate • Identify and analyze issues that might have an impact to the company’s business to prevent any unexpected problems/incident • Promote and monitor all HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) issues in stakeholders relations area • Ensure resources availability and develop relationships within the area of responsibility • Ensure operational expenditure performance within the area of responsibility

Inke Maris & Associates

2007 - 2011

PR Consultant

- Develop situation analysis - Develop communications strategy - Conduct Communications activity, media relations - Conduct communications research - Become Project Officer/consultant

Cakram Magazine

2004 - 2007


News writing related with communications industry (PR, Adv, ATL, BTL, Media)

Riwayat Pendidikan

Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama)

1998 - 2004

Communications Science