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About Me

HI, My name is Ifan

I am a Professional Creative Designer with 11 years of experience. With my experience, I will make every customer happy with their purchase. I have a lot of skills on Logo design, Company profile, Brand identity pack, Social media design, Merchandise, Stationery, Point of sales material, Brochure, Booklet, Pamphlet, Product packaging, Food & retail packaging, Digital Imaging.

Fluent at using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, After Effect, iMovie, Sketch, Mailchimp and

Services :
- Logo Design
- Brand Identity
- Stationary
- Flyers
- Brochure
- Packaging

Previous Client :
Logo & Brand Guidelines :
1. asyrafb233 : Design logo untuk produk AMDK
(air minum dalam kemasan) : Moyaah
2. llubis : Design logo untuk usaha clothing : Biegxy
3. hangman : Design logo untuk brand perusahaan kurir
express service : IDL Xpress
4. hariyadis : Design Name Card & Online Signature : PT. Pesona Sentra Utama dan
Equinox Bahari Utama
5. Zeronic : Project 1 Flyer dan Project 2 : Brochure : PT. Indocol Food Colouring
6. aman1984 : Design pamflet dan brosur untuk coffee shop : Andra Coffee &
7. airintitus : Design Logo dan Brand Identity
8. airintitus : Design Name Card dan Stationary Lengkap
9. rina26 : Design Logo Clothing Wanita :
10. seeddank : Design Logo : Cakrawala Akses Data
11. enddh4 : Design Logo : Dapur Martabak
12. enddh4 : Design Kemasan Dapur Martabak
13. fauzign : Design User Interface Pariwisata
14. vans08 : Design Laporan Kesehatan Customer :
Multilab Laboratorium Klinik Radiologi
15. kristi89 : Design Logo dan Brand Identity : MBS (makeboldsteps)
16. adamalimahja : Design Buku Tahunan dan Merchandise : SD Islam Murul Iman
Angkatan 2019

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Riwayat Pekerjaan

mile[s] Visual Communication

2016 - Sekarang

Founder/ Owner/ Creative Director

We are a Creative Design Firm, Visual and Brand Communication Agency, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Experienced more than 10 years providing graphic design services for corporate and personal at affordable price. From leading multi-nationals, to inspiring start-ups, we have gained many relationships with many kinds of clients. Any size, background, or industry. Every project is a fresh challenge for us. Whether your business is new, established, personal, or even non-commercial, we are up to conquer every opportunity. By all means, we signature way of handling projects lies on its effort to always eliminating the operational cost. We could deliver the same quality result with lower cost.

Riwayat Pendidikan

Trisakti University

1999 - 2005

Visual Communication Design

Graduated as a Bachelor of Art and Design

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Paket: Desain Pamflet & Brosur - UKM
March 2021
Terimakasih untuk Desain yang telah dibuat, hasilnya sangat bagus.williammp
IDR 400,000
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Paket: Desain Logo - UKM
February 2021
hasil sangat bagus dan pengerjaan sangat cepat romobarra
IDR 280,000
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Paket: Desain Kemasan - Premium
February 2021
Terimakasih atas design yang diberikan. bayu06
IDR 1,040,000