Hendy Mustiko Aji

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About Me

My Three Core Values:

(1) Integrity
(2) Continuous Learning
(3) Never Back Down

My Motto: Speed and Quality

Riwayat Pekerjaan

Xtreme Prestige Sdn Bhd

2011 - 2011

Intern Student

👍Find potential business clients either from magazine or any news sources 👍Assist user in negotiating with potential business partners 👍Telemarketing 👍Assist Managing Director on administrative matters, such as complete company's shareholder form and so forth 👍Create a Business partner's database on excel based 👍Assists General Manager in preparing for Training and Commencement of Business clients

PT Schott Igar Glass

2012 - 2012


👍Vendor Negotiation, get minimum price and good Terms of Payment as well as Delivery Schedule 👍Input Purchase Enquiry/Requisition of Domestic and Import into Lotus Note especially for indirect materials 👍Convert PE/PR Domestic and Import Into Purchase Order 👍Follow up raw materials delivery for Domestic and Overseas 👍Schedule a meeting between vendors and users to have a detail information for particular project

Riwayat Pendidikan

Universiti Utara Malaysia

2008 - 2011

International Business Managemet

Studying International Business Management

Universitas Jenderal Soedirman

2007 - 2012

International Management

Studying International Management which include All management sciences

Universitas Gadjah Mada

2012 - Sekarang

Master of Marketing Science

Studying Management Sciences focusing on Marketing Sciences. Research and Methodology are stressed.