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Dear User,
My name is Billy Halomoan, I am 25 years old and an employer in one of the public company in Jakarta. I am here in purpose to seek side work to achieve additional income.

Riwayat Pekerjaan

PT. Indo Scot Industrial Services Megah

2015 - Sekarang

Operation Engineer

• Become an agent and do technical work analyze, planning and submission for General Electric (GE) Pressure Control products, mostly are Hydril Diverter MSP, Hydril Annular GK/GX/MSP, Hydril RAM BOP, Hydril Pulsation Dampener and Hydril Choke & Valve. • Technical work GE Pressure Controls consist of products size, rating pressure & temperature, body material, unit connection, packing unit and certifying. • Become an agent and do technical work for Heatric Meggitt Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger (PCHE). Heatric PCHE defines as compact heat exchanger using “diffusion bonding” as its technology. Heatric is the only one manufacturer of PCHE. • Technical work Heatric PCHE consist of fluid analyze (gas and/or liquid), fluid flow rate, Pressure & Temperature inlet, Fluid Properties (density, heat specific, viscosity & thermal conductivity), Nozzles, Materials, Thermal Design and Mass & Size. • Become an agent and do technical work in tendering/ supplying Aban Offshore Jack-Up rigs in Indonesia. Aban Offshore supports mostly Jack-Up rigs in Indonesia & Asia Pacific. • Become an agent and do technical work for AMNGR (ArktikmorNeftegazRazvedka) in supporting Drillship/ Floater in Indonesia. AMNGR provides “Deep Adventure” Drillship. • Technical Works for Aban Offshore & AMNGR consist of : 1. Providing suitable rigs technical details(Certification, Length Leg (Jack-Up), Hook Load, HP Draw Works, Top Drive System, Mud Pump, Mud Tanks Volume BOP System, Working Water Depth, Helipad, Allowable Personnel, Cost Projects (Mob, Demob, Estimate Daily Rate) and Availability. 2. Providing Consortium Agreement & Split Payment from Projects. • Do tendering process based on technically side of products and process : Hydril BOP, Heatric PCHE, Aban Offshore & AMNGR.

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Universitas Trisakti

2008 - 2012

Teknik Perminyakan