Evin Trianisa

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About Me

Born at July 15, 1975, married with two childrens

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Riwayat Pendidikan

Universitas Indonesia
1996 - 2000

Ilmu Komunikasi

Komunikasi Periklanan

Universitas Indonesia
1993 - 1996

Bahasa Perancis

Bahasa Perancis

Riwayat Pekerjaan

PT Graha Multimedia Nusantara
2010 - 2013

content manager

Channel Acquisition Programming & Channel Planning Marketing Communications

PT Prasasta
2010 - 2010

Communications Specialist

Media relations Communication Startegic Planner

PT. DIrect Vision ( Astro)
2005 - 2010

Publicity -Marketing

Media Relations Copywriter Event Organizer

PT. Duta Visual Nusantara
2000 - 2005

Promo Producer

Lead a creative team that works entirely on promo material both on air and print media

PT. Radio Ambhara ( 96.7 Radio A)
1999 - 2000

Producer/ Announcer

Creative concepting Scriptwriting Announcer for French Program

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