Endhi Raharjo

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About Me

I am just a person to help everyone who really need. I am a smart worker with my smart ideas and creative ways to reach the objectives.

I love reading books and all things new to broaden my knowledge. I place my ideas too into writing as a media of my analysis and opinion as well.

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Riwayat Pendidikan

Sanata Dharma University
2004 - 2010

Language and Arts

Graduated from English language study program. I am skilfully in linguistics and literature

Riwayat Pekerjaan

Bernard Foundation
2011 - 2014


I am teaching English as a foreign language for high school students I guided the students as a debating team staff I am as a trainer for service excellence program

Self employee
2011 - Sekarang

Translator and Writer

My job is to translate Indonesian to English and vice versa I am also working as a content writer for several websites. Fulfilling their needs in providing web content to publish Managing the content of some websites with all description they needs

Arkana Media Yogyakarta
2014 - 2016


I review some pictures detailed on interior design. I supposed to give explicit ideas about the designs and ideas. I persuade people watching the designs especially attract them to visit the related website.

Robotics Education Center
2015 - 2016

Branch Manager

I managed the center of robotics course in Bintaro area. I organized the sales, promoted the center, held an exhibitions in malls and schools, managed a good relationship between the center and colleagues, and also conducting a class meeting for the customers.

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