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Riwayat Pekerjaan

PT Bank Muamalat Tbk

2012 - 2013

core banking staff

1. Inputing payroll for corporate customer 2. Inputting accounting based on transactional ticket 3. Reconcile and reporting general ledger all outlet before end of day process. 4. As a tester oracle system 5. Preparing and setting tests script UAT for Muamalat Core Banking according to SOP Bank Muamalat. 6. Planning, preparing, and delivering lessons about new core banking system to user in over 500 outlet. 7. Organizing and updating operational transaction in over 500 outlet. 8. As caretaker and helpdesk all user to do operational transaction when piloting new core banking system . 9. Handling all problems about operational transaction in over 500 outlet.

PT BAnk Muamalat, Tbk

2013 - Sekarang

Operation Policy and development Staff

1. Making and reviewing policy and procedure related to operational transactions. 2. Analizing business development according to SOP bank Muamalat. 3. Responsible for policy and procedure operational transactions all branch. 4. Do benchmarking with other bank related to operational transactions. 5. As representative user in User Acceptance Test (UAT) implementation core banking system and other support applications. 6. Do reporting and evaluation allegiance all user to procedure. 7. As helpdesk to answer all user question about procedure.



Riwayat Pendidikan


2008 - 2012

finance and banking management