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Graphic Designer
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Graphic Designer - Sponsors...
Graphic Design - Poster

About Me

I am a self-taught graphic designer, active in experimenting multiple design areas since 2012 in Adobe Photoshop. I have dived and adapt into different types of designs throughout the years; from bold, vintage, to simplistic.

I have made numerous design projects, both in high school and university. These projects mainly focuses on posters (for events), album CD packaging, and sponsorship proposals. Other than that, personal design projects I love to make are collages and making graphics at tumblr.


Riwayat Pekerjaan

NVCo (Nusantara Virtual Co)

2013 - 2014

Graphic Designer

Placed as a graphic design during the company's 6th year in the Virtual Enterprise International Program (VEI). The role of graphic designer in this company includes: design catalogues, website, and financial report of the company. Consequently, the company gained international awards 'Best Catalogue Design' in New York in 2014.

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