Graphic Designer-Writer
English Indonesian

About Me

I am full confidence with art and design, already experienced since 2013. I like writing and active with social and had high understanding about psychology.

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Riwayat Pendidikan

President University
2009 - 2013

Visual Communication Design

Active in Seminars, Workshop, and full of organization experiences.

Riwayat Pekerjaan

PT. Fortune Indonesia, Tbk
2012 - 2012

Graphic Designer

Internship program for 6 months - Made many company’s logos, illustrations for web, became a leader (director and editor) for video project from my supervisor for all internship students in my group work. Also followed the meeting about idea and many others events.

Microsoft Indonesia
2013 - 2013

Ambassador of Microsoft Indonesia

Launched Windows 8 and became as Ambassador of Windows 8 in Indonesia. The international project from Microsoft. Target in the project are university students.

KK Indonesia
2014 - Sekarang

Packaging Designer

Redesigned the logo and package of Vitayang products, Naturaw Meal, and Kangzen products.

PT. Sari Boga Lestari
2013 - Sekarang

Marketing and Design Staff

F&B Concepts from one of the biggest retail company in Indonesia, MAP Group. Design various premium brands of restaurants and cafe shops. Especially Chatterbox, Palem Cafe, and Pondok Soto & Uleg.

Many Brands and Campaigns
2013 - Sekarang


Seven Seas Kids Campaign, Chillout Cafe, Shalisya Project, Bestindo Project, Pitching in The Drawing Squad