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As a web developer who have expertise and experience in Web Development i follow my client’s vision and meet their exact needs.I always aim to provide a high quality, bright and expert solution to all clients

My key services include web development, web optimization, web design, web responsive design, UI Design / Mockup / Layout, database design



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2016 - Sekarang

Freelance Web Developer

Freelance Web Developer

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Jasa modifikasi website php Native Part 3
December 2018
terima kasih mas bobby. ditunggu untuk kerjasama di project selanjutnyaintegralind0
IDR 1,080,000
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Borongan 3 Hari On Site programming - #2
December 2018
hasil sangat memuaskan.integralind0
IDR 2,700,000
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Quote per 17 - 25 November
December 2018
thanks ya mas bobby untuk hasilnya bagusintegralind0
IDR 720,000