Atalya Anggraini

Content Writer
English Indonesian

About Me

She's a blogger and a professional writer working for some companies. Sometimes she creates visual content & does SocMed marketing. In brief, she has the skills, experience, and creativity to deliver.

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senang bekerja dengan anda, thank you :)Di post pada: 7 bulan yang lalu
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Good job and i like itDi post pada: 7 bulan yang lalu
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baguss, dan sesuai dengan kemauan. goodDi post pada: 8 bulan yang lalu
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Kualitas artikel sangat bagus dan sesuai apa yang saya inginkanDi post pada: sekitar 1 tahun yang lalu
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really good job dan cepat padahal deadline nya mepet, juga tidak perhitungan lain kali ikut project saya lagi ya ...Di post pada: hampir 2 tahun yang lalu

Riwayat Pendidikan

Universitas Brawijaya
2008 - 2012

English Literature

Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics/Languages

Riwayat Pekerjaan

Badan Kepegawaian Negara (BKN)
2011 - 2011

Translator Intern

Assist Research and Development Division in translating various journals which are related to personnel administration field.

PT. Jampi Media (Jampi.com)
2012 - 2013

Marketing Executive

RESPONSIBILITIES: - Develop marketing strategy and plan. - Conceive, execute and optimize online marketing campaigns. - Copy Writing for Ads, Posters, and other marketing tools. - Understanding current and potential customers. - Managing budget for marketing effectiveness. - Executing market research to gain a clear understanding of consumers, competitors and general environment. - Designing posters and banner ads. - Creating EDM (Electronic Direct Mails). - Managing all social media channels of Jampi.com.

PT. Jampi Media (Ibupedia.com)
2013 - Sekarang

Freelance Website Manager

Ibupedia.com is parenting and pregnancy digital resource. There I responsible to: - Monitor, assess, and report on website performance. - Develop, update, copy-edit, and proofread web contents. - Handle online marketing projects ranging from SEO to social media marketing.

Inbound Digital Marketing
2014 - Sekarang

Freelance Content Writer

Create on page articles for SEO campaign of different companies (e.g. Samsung Indonesia, Ezy Travel, Regus Indonesia, Schroders, and many more).

Skytree Solutions
2015 - Sekarang

Freelance Content Writer

Create risk management theme articles for company's portal, newsletter, and e-magazine.

2015 - Sekarang

Social Media Officer

Responsibilities: - Research, build and execute social media strategy - Generate, edit, publish and share daily content for social media channels and blog - Moderate all communities

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