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With 40+ experience as Translator and Writer and Business Man, I believe I could do the job very well and in due time.


Riwayat Pekerjaan

PT Sarana Gas Indonesia

2009 - 2013


My goal was to set up a new factory of plastic cap and rubber seal for LPG Tube. The purpose of establishing the factory was to make this company be one of the suppliers of the existing of Filling LPG Station which have been members of the Holding Company's group. To achieve this goal, I had to make a business proposal and implemented the business proposal agreed by all owners of the Filling LPG Stations, including making deals with suppliers of land, equipments, machineries and other things needed for manufacturing process of the factory. I also had set up some departments such as, Marketing Department, Finance and Administration Department, Purchasing Department, Factory Department, including all the management process.

Celebration USA (China)

2006 - 2009

General Manager

Take the lead and control of all managers at the China Office in planning and inventory control, finance, purchasing, production and quality assurance, including the export of the goods to USA and new design of product. Make negotiation with suppliers and subcontractor and shipping Forwarder. Giving to owner some advice and assistance, especially in designing the new product to be launched at the USA market. Report to owner daily, weekly and monthly report of planning and inventory control, finance, production and quality control. During 2008, stationed in Serang to run the factory under the name of PT Ramashinta Citra Kreasi as a factory producing all products for Celebration Creation Co., Ltd. as a Managing Director, of which duty set up the factory from the beginning until running perfectly.

Riwayat Pendidikan

IKIP Bandung

1973 - 1977

English Linguistic

During I was studying at IKIP, I taught English at SMAK BPK at the same time. With doing both studying and teaching, it, of course, increasing my ability in mastering English both in writing and verbal.

Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan (IKIP) Bandung

1973 - 1977

English Linguistics

During I was studying at IKIP, at the same time, especially in 1975, I taught as an English Teacher at SMAK BPK (Christian High School) in Bandung. Doing both studying and teaching were actually a great benefit for me, as I could master both writing and verbal English much faster then I expected.

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