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Riwayat Pekerjaan

TIN termo glass industry

2006 - 2011


Expirience about supevisor,custumer service jobs,Expert Cut Glass/Mirror/Glazing/Stained Glass/Architectural Glass 1. Engaged in cutting flat or sheet glass to length from continuous ribbon of glass to facilitate handling or cutting glass to any kind of size: 2. Reviews production schedules to determine cutting dimensions and cutting sequence. 3. Measures length and width of cut glass to ensure cutters are spaced correctly. 4. Gauges thickness of glass with micrometer to ensure that glass thickness is within specifications, and notifies glass drawing or rolling department of measurements. Wall Décor • Has the value of art to adorn the walls, with choose the matching colors, wall painting, interior room, etc., Making the Frame for painting/Certificate/etc • Take care and serve customers who want a frame that matches their own unique tastes. Some images are not the typical size and frame size should be specific. Furthermore, custom-made frames can protect sentimental objects from environmental hazards. Some framers also responsible for the installation of photo frames in a given home.

Pangeran Matahari Advertising Agency Jakarta

2012 - 2013

Production Supervisor

1.Responsible for supervision promotional materials for every events such as banners, standing banners, booth, backdrops, etc from the creative team to the printing 2.Reviewing and interpreting production schedules and plans 3.Ensuring that all quality and standard operating procedures are being followed 4.Monitoring material products from printing

TREEPLE & CO Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia

2013 - 2014

Marketing & Promotion

Treeple & Company is making: - Event Planner - Promo Consultant - Talent Image Builder Insight and Innovation of Treeple & Co: We are an event and promotion company that is flooded with concepts, high on creativity, leading on innovation, with impeccable execution and find satisfaction as the result. What We Do: Treeple & Co is an event, planner and promotion consulting company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Treeple & Co offers creative image builder or branding you in the eyes of your prospective clients, Treeple & Co also offers consulting unit which provides service extensions in events based Activation & Below The Line engagements to its clients. We handle artist management: -Andhara Early Blogspot: Facebook: Andhara Early

Riwayat Pendidikan

Dzemal Bijedic Mostar Bosnia & Herzegovina

2005 - 2008

Business Management/Associate's degree, Business College

School of Business Management, Small and Medium Enterprises

High School of Economics, Konjic Bosnia & Herzegovina

1994 - 2002

E school

four-year direction of the seller and the banker

Impress Centar Sarajevo

2001 - 2002

word,excep,power point,internet,microsoft office, computer Course

Activities and Societies: 25 December 2001 Finished computer course “Impress Centar Sarajevo” ; Able to operate Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and Internet)

Impress Centar Konjic

2002 - 2004

7 level English course

The New Cambridge English Course“ autors Michael Swan i Catherine Walter u izdanju Cambridge University press (London).