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Take a pledge and say no to drugs! But let's not forget that drug users are usually the victims and should not be discriminated against.

The National Narcotics Agency aims to rehabilitate 100.000 Indonesians who are addicted to drugs. Let's show our care for our brothers and sisters in need.

How to Support
Take a photo with your hands crossed in front of your as a sign of support for the goal to rehabilitate 100.000 Indonesians suffering from drug addiction.
Click support and upload the photo on
Share your photo through social networks to raise awareness of the issue.

Your photo is the first step towards a drug free society. A visual statement that drugs should be avoided helps set an example to ‎others to do the same. Outpouring of support will also motivate the men and women who is fighting against the spread of drugs everyday. Every action counts. You can make on now.

For info and updates:
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