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First check our brief story at:
- www.preghiero.com
- Instagram: Preghiero.
- FB: Preghiero.

The concept is this product is the only Indonesian product that offer "real" leather slim wallet.
"Real" here means full size wallet (looks like conventional wallet) with full size cash (without fold) and lots of cards, but still slim (not like others, you put more than 10 cards, you can't close the wallet).
Leather wallet from $20 - $500 is the same, the only differentiation is material and some design, no innovation on function.

I need SEO service so that people can find us on google.
In global, the most popular slim wallet brand is Bellroy from Australia.
we're not their follower, in fact our design is very different, and as function, our wallet is slimmer and contains more cards and cash.

Thank you.

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