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Portals Live Escape Room is the first escape room with movie-immersion experience with futuristic technology concept, that allow players to solve mysteries by traveling through time and space.

We are devising a new marketing strategy, by developing a new product, that will kaboom our awareness!

This product will be revolutionary, that is, Escape Flavored Popcorn.

Our target market are: Anak ABG, Kuliah, Profesional Muda, Keluarga.

We need a design that can visualise the following statements:
1) The Popcorn is portaled (teleported) from another dimension using PORTALS technology.
2) Eye-grabbing and makes people curious.

In short, our main requirements are:
1) Packaging still looks like normal packaging (Facts and Nutritions, Ingredients) see picture 1 for guidance.
2) Unique futuristic design.
3) Screams out "GRAB ME".

Visit our website to get a better feel of our concept for design parameter at http://escapetheportals.com/

Please show us your best food packaging designs in your portfolio.

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