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Deskripsi pekerjaan:

Nama saya Ivan dan saya membutuhkan riset market tentang pasar bunga di Indonesia (bunga potong dan online flower shop bukan eksport atau import bunga).

Basically I'm going to open up an online flower shop business and I need market analysis for comparison.

Main thing I'm looking for:
- Detail market size and growth since 1995 (types of flowers, how many #, margin % for the business, traction).
- Who is the target market that buy flowers.
- How much in average that person spend for flower in a year (customer repeat behaviour).
- Berapa margin keuntungan dari flower shop.
- Any items the customer also buy together with flowers? (such as chocolate, soft toys, etc) and how much in comparison with the flowers they buy.
- Competition for online flower shop.
- Marketing channels flower shop use to target audience and which one works best.
- And any other data that I may overlook needed to open up a flower shop business.

So far those are all the things I can think of. Do you feel comfortable doing market research for flower industry?

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