Clone a Paid Membership VBulletin Forum With Amember Protection, So I Can Read The Forum Offline.

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i need someone to clone a paid membership v-bulletin forum using httrack, or scrapy, or selenium, (or similar software) so i can read the forum offline.

the forum is password protected, so that only a registered member can view the forum threads.

the forum has less than 20k threads. so, with the right man, i think this job should be finished in 3-5 days. 

i've tried to scrape it my self, using metaproducts offline explorer and web2disk software, but to no avail.

the forum is protected using amember. So, ordinary software-driven scraping method, i think, will be useless. (but, i can be wrong!)

the closest thing that does the job is using a firefox add on called scrapbook x. It simulate a true browser experience, because it's a firefox add on.

but, due to instability, it cannot scrape the whole forum... it will always freezes in the middle of the process...

i need some one with scraping experience, that can do this kind of job.

key skills:

a. scraping experience (httrack, scrapy, selenium, etc)

b. vbulletin and amember experience

c. programming or coding

d. html

i will provide:

1. 1 Gb RAM windows VPS with 1Gbps connection.

2. Russian paid proxies if needed.

3. the login details for the forum.

after the freelance finished this job, he/she will provide me with a download link of the cloned forum.

all the details given and the result of this job should be keep in secret, and cannot be shared with anyone else.

Are you the right man/woman for this job? how much will it cost?

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