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Deskripsi pekerjaan:

We are looking for text editing into Notepad for academic institution's profile populated from international universities in our list (the list will be provided to you when you are recruited). Total payment for this working is IDR 400,000 (for four-day duration only).

What you need to collect?
Using your Internet connection, you need to get into an academic website based on our assignment to you. Then, you will be required to collect text contents about academic institution's profile from 83 (eighty three) academic institutions.

How you need to do?
Based on contents you have populated, you will be required to put the text in NO MORE THAN 4 (four) paragraphs in a Notepad file (one file for one institution). For each institution, it shall contain:
- Brief overview of the institution
- Rankings of the institution
- Other international achievements obtained by the institution (if any)

The output will be 83 (eighty three) files in Notepad format. You need to include source URL links at the last line inside your file to list down where you collected the information from.

When you need to submit your working?
We estimate that you will spend 15 minutes per single academic institution. Thus, we target for four days to complete this task for all 83 (eighty three) institutions.

How your job will be verified?
Upon your completion of working, we need to validate your data entry in Notepad which will take one or two days. We will validate your contents based on source URL links (which you put inside every file) to make sure that you have collected information from the proper academic institutions.

What we expect from you?
In doing this task, we expect accuracy of information. Thus, whenever you have any doubt or questions, please inquire to us before you proceed to further actions.

Should you have any question or need any clarification, feel free to reach us via e-mail at [email protected]

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