Zihad Rizky Edwin Fikri

Android Developer
Indonesia, Semarang
English Indonesian

About Me

Zihad, January 25th 1998.

As a programmer, i focus on android app development. But as a "never end learner", sometimes i have to make my own API just to learn other think about android. So there are 2 lessons i learn at the same time, that's android (focus) and web backend (optional).
I love to learn how something works especially about android programming. Because being "kepo" (english : curious) is a must in learning. Deeper knowledge means higher quality.

Skill :
Java (Android)
XML (Android)

Hoby :

Employment History

Pondok Qodr

2016 - now

Android Developer

Please look at this page https://zihadrizkyef.github.io/

Education History

Pondok Qodr

2016 - now

Android Development

A great place to learn about IT. There are 3 majors inside, that is android, web, and design and I choose to focus to learn android. It has good environtment because it's not only teachs about IT but also teachs about islamic knowledge.