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About Me

Saya bekerja sebagai maintenance technician di salah satu perusahaan oil & gas service di Indonesia, tepatnya di pulau Kalimantan. Selain itu, saya juga mempunyai passion terhadap craft, design, photography, etc. Disamping itu, saya mempunyai hoby travelling.

Employment History


2011 - 2015

Maintenance Technician Electronics 2

Participates in preventive maintenance and repair of tools and equipment according to D&M and SLB standards, procedures, and practices. Continues to gain additional experience and expertise through on the job training and prepares to attend further training schools to enhance the proficiency. Also supervises less senior technician in their area of expertise. - Maintain, tracking, repair, and do troubleshooting to Surface Acquisition System such as Surface Sensor (SPT, DES, CLT, RMM, etc), MCMP, Rig Floor Display, Cabling System. - Do rig up & rig down on site. - Deploy RTR (Vsat) system, and troubleshoot network. - Powering up the Offshore & Onshore Logging Unit, Set up the proper grounding, Maintain, and troubleshoot it. - Maintain & tracking pressure equipment, lifting equipment, and radiation equipment in site and base. - Assembly and disassembly LWD tool such as ARC & ADN. - Bench test, testing procedure, inspection for tool. - OST & IST.

Education History


2007 - 2010


Study about electronics low current, with 70% practical. Making out PCB, design circuit, and build a tool.