Yuko Pangestu

Web Developer
English Indonesian

About Me

I am in passion with coding, especially website based. I have learned such as Laravel, HTML CSS, etc that will support your best company profiles. I am eager to hear any marvelous ideas that need to realize.

Employment History

PT Mitra Digital Laboratorindo

2016 - 2016

Full Stack Developer

Mengembangkan sebuah website, membuat website dari awal... Kontribusi saya dalam perusahaan ini adalah: 1. System Intregrator 2. Front end dengan AngularJS javascript framework 3. Package manager dengan Bower dan Node JS 4. Pengalaman menggunakan Grunt.js 5. Full Stack Developing (Focusing in Back-End)

PT Outpost Indonesia

2016 - now

Web Developer

Here is my job description for this company: - Developing high-performance and reliable website and application - Front End Development: Interactive web (UI) using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Ajax, Angular - Back End Development: PHP and Database - CMS development using Laravel Framework - Build responsive design (mobile web) - Develop code that is cross-browser and cross platform friendly - Fix Bugs and resolve on going issues - Development focus on Product Development - To help other programmers from Project Divisions, if they are overload - To accomplish each project based on deadlines - Understand how to manage and/or operate server both internal and cloud

Education History

Sampoerna University

2011 - 2015

Bachelor of Education