Yolk It Surabaya

Software Developer
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About Me

YOLK-IT is a company providing software, services and sales of packaged IT products. Some business segments such as hotels, retail and accounting and others are our software products.

Employment History

BPR Danumas Binadhana

2010 - 2012

System Coordinator

Microbanking System Maintenance

Eagle Star Consulting

2012 - 2013

Programmer (Software Developer)

ERP Developer (PT. Koopanitia Hassenda)

ITPreneur Indonesia Teknologi

2013 - now

Senior System Analyst & Programmer

ERP Developer (PT. Harfam Jaya Makmur) ERP Developer (PT. Mount Dream Indonesia) Analyst E-Procurement Product

YOLK-IT Surabaya

2013 - now

Co Founder

Build Accounting System Build POS System Build Hotel Management System (Hotel Oval, V3, Pasar Besar, Madrix, International homestay)

Education History

LP3I Surabaya

2005 - 2007

Computerized Accounting

Institut Informatika Indonesia

2011 - 2015

Information System