Yesy Elfrida

Sarjana Ekonomi
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Employment History

PT. Siemens Indonesia

2005 - 2006

Site Administrator

1. Updating a Petty Cash Report 2. Updating Petty Cash Book 3. Updating Bank Statement 4. Updating Finance Report

Citifinancial Citibank Medan

2006 - 2007

Data Entry

1. Position Objective a. Pre-Screening Incoming Application Form b. I-Loan Data Entry c. Matching Process ( I-Cacth) d. CPV List Order e. Log book and Track sheet update f. Final files sent to HO g. Input the data customer to Bank of Indonesia System ( SID ) 2. Principal Responsibility a. Pre-screening incoming application from based on : • RAC Age Location Natrionality • Document completion and expired date ID card ( KTP, KK, SIM ) Income proff ( Slip salary, SKP, Bank statement ) • Application form completion b. Do entry of customer data into I-loan c. Conduct to all application • De-dupe ( I-catch ) Checking against I-loan ( citifinancial ) database • Cardpack Checking against Citibank databank • GRB Checking against BI list,Citibank Negative List, Special Designated Nation ( SDN ) d. Prepare the CPV order list and keep record tracking the status of each other e. Prepare log book of incoming and soft rejected application f. Updating track sheet of final reject and disbursed g. Prepare reports of approved and rejected application to Head Office for authorization h. Updating a Staging Bureau Reports i. Updating a Staging Application per day

HD Finance

2008 - 2009

Administration Collector

1. Receive data from the collector of the customer staff who make a payment which does not make payments. 2. Enter data into the system to which one must be re-categorized forfeiture which are not. 3. Creating a track sheet for daily data on customer input is already in the system to be discussed with the head collector. 4. Enter data about the customer money already paid by them and accepted by the collector and the rest of the staff who will accepted and fines that they receive (if any) 5. Creating monthly data on the customer to be created in the system.

Standard Charter Bank

2010 - 2011

Customer Contact Center

1. Receive a well customer 2. Responds well to every customer about the problems faced by the customer 3. Provide the perfect solution to every customer who in the face of problems with the friendly and wise 4. Creating a track sheet every day of the customer that we have a good handle and report it to our superiors. 5. If there is a problem faced by customer services staff that can not be solved properly, it will be negotiated with each and every customer with our superiors know

Hotel Margot & Restaurant

2011 - now


1. Supervise employees working in the restaurant 2. Create a daily report and monthly restaurant 3. Overseeing stock inventory and beverage restaurant 4. Creating employee schedule 5. Oversee the sale of restaurant

Education History

Universitas HKBP Nommensen

1999 - 2003