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My Name is muhammad Ganda Wijaya, baturaja 19 April 1976, graduated from muhammadiyah university of malang at 2001 , I have some experiences for your consideration, data file support attached.Thanks

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Education History

1996 - 2001


Mechanical department with graduated 3.03 scale 4.0 With tesis : Plan trunion plate with tools Jig & fixture

Employment History

Korindo Motors
2010 - 2014

Section Head

 Preparation of logistics plans to support all relevant operations  Establish and maintain project offices sufficient to support their needs and in full compliance with security and other regulations  Oversee recruitment of stores handling staff and office support staff members as require respective department  Coordination of the payment of all logistics staff under direct supervision;  Assistance Improvision of logistics support to other staff by arranging land and air-travel including arrangement of security clearance For daily weekly missions  Maintenance of accurate stores records and accounts through sound audit and stock-take procedures; Maintenance of equipments inventory  Localisazion part for development and improvement  To conduct sourcing and develop new sources of supply  To review and control supplier base

2006 - 2009


–Implementation tutorial as a lecture program –Development of academic teaching –Implementation Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi ( Education & Teaching) -Research & Development Public Service - Teaching Improvisation etc

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