Dhya Wardani

Secretary/ Personnal Assistant
English Indonesian

About Me

In the beginning my career as Accounting Staff at General Contractor & Bag Factory (around 4years). 1 year in Marketing Work field. 1 year as a freelance article writer in life style category of Presently as Secretary at Civil Engineering Consultant (around 8years).

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Education History

STIEKN Jaya Negara Malang
1993 - 1997


Five best grad for graduate on 1997 at the STIEKN ‘Jaya Negara’ Malang University

Employment History

PT. Nippon Koei
2006 - now

Bilingual Secretary

Support the project administration activities; translation, compose draft letter, manage incoming & outgoing letter, arrangement schedule, assist to prepare any document, collecting data, meeting/ workshop material, make a good relationship with all parties.

PT. Maxgain International Future
2006 - 2006

Business Executive

The arrangement of appointment and schedule for new client to follow our company training. Make presentation or give a basic training for Client and new member (in front of a class minimum 5 peoples). Make transaction in futures market, and give to the client some information concerning; market condition, his financial position, method and suggestion if required

2000 - 2002

Finance & Administration Staff

Prepare for draft report, process and final project report. Documentation, typing, collecting filling Assist to prepare the tender document. Make the Cash Flow Report only for Project; Reported to the Director every months directly

PT. Adhi Karya (General Contractor)
1998 - 2000

Accounting Staff

Responsibility on cash flow covering daily expense, weekly and financial monthly report hereinafter reported to the Director. Make a journal by manual system. Inputting data
2012 - 2013

Freelance Writer

Article writing about life style: the title are: =>7 Tarian Massal Nusantara => Mengenal lebih dekat suku sasak => Jember Fashion Carnaval dan Banyuwangi Etho Carnival, Ajang Lokal yang menjadi Internasional => Fenomena Hutan "Evergreen" di Taman Nasional Evergreen.

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