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About Me

Hello :)

I'm a creative writer with a diverse and eclectic knowledge of current trends and interests to make tailored contents that is entertaining, engaging and audience focused. I'm confident in writing on subjects:

- Banking
- e-Commerce
- Wedding (Decoration, Dresses, Ideas, Theme, etc)
- Food and Culinary
- Women's lifestyle
- Technology and Telecommunication
- as well as a wide range of other subjects

I'm deeply passionate about learning new things, and eager to apply my creativity and knowledge to contribute to your needs. Please check out my portfolio to learn more.

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wandria bekerja sangat profesional...icemode
IDR 270,000
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Senang bisa bekerja sama dengan Wina. Tulisan sangat baik dan lengkap, sesuai dengan guidelines yang telah diberikan.oramiid
IDR 1,125,000
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Tulisan lengkap dan informatif. Pengumpulan tulisan sesuai dengan deadline yang diberikan.oramiid
IDR 1,125,000
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Terima kasih atas kerjasamanya. Sangat memuaskan!sirclosolution
IDR 360,000
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Mulai dari kualitas penulisan sampai respon yang tanggap, hasil kerja wandria selalu memuaskan!sirclosolution
IDR 360,000

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