Head of Mobile Development Special Interest Group Fasilkom UI
Indonesia, DKI Jakarta

About Me

Saya merupakan Ketua Mobile Apps Development Special Interest Group di RISTEK Fasilkom Universitas Indonesia. Saya juga pernah intern di Bukalapak.com sebagai Mobile Appliaction Developer dan ikut mengembangkan aplikasi Bukalapak. Selain itu saya juga pernah bekerja di PT Ruma sebagai Software Engineering Intern.

Employment History


2016 - 2016

Mobile Application Developer Intern

• Worked alongside the Mobile Apps Developer Team to deliver core features of Bukalapak Android Apps. • Created AB Testing for Playstore rating asking system using Firebase Remote Config. • Worked alongside the Notification Team and built SMS Watcher Apps to monitor the reliability and speed of all SMS sent to users. • Applied object oriented programming techniques and built reusable code for future use


2017 - 2017

Software Engineering Intern

• Building Android apps named Perakitan. It's an app that helps Ketua Arisan to request an officer to help him/she to raft their dropship items (cupboard, bedroom set, kitchen set, etc). • Technology: Android Studio, MVP, Dagger 2, Android Annotations, Google Maps API, Mockito, Retrofit 2.0, Glide, Firebase Cloud Messaging.

Education History

Universitas Indonesia

2014 - now

Computer Science (Ilmu Komputer)