Hellen Mores

English Indonesian

About Me

I am interested in arts and design. I can do design projects, such as illustration (drawings), graphic design (logo, poster), animation, 3D furniture, video editing (cutting, compile), etc.

Employment History

Infinite Studios

2015 - 2015

Intern Junior Animator


2013 - now

Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Design

I work as a generalist in art and design category. I can do: 1. Illustration (drawings, digital and traditional, manga, etc). 2. Branding and Identity (Logo design, business card design, etc). 3. 2D & 3D animation. 4. 3D furniture. There's a portfolio about my designs. You may ask me.

Duwa Wang

2016 - now

Founder & Creative Director

Duwa Wang is a group of Intellectual Property character which tells about a love story among 7 onions. As an IP product, Duwa Wang could appear in various ways, such as 2D animation, merchandise, mascot, emoticon/ stickers, and comic.

Education History

Bina Nusantara

2012 - 2016

DKV Animasi