Vara Dita Safitri

Translator and Content Writer
English Indonesian

About Me

I was graduated from Universitas Brawijaya with 3.81 GPA, majored in English Linguistics. I've been passionate about English and translating since high school. I have worked as a translator since I was in the third semester of my college years and have worked in a translation company in Jakarta.

Employment History


2014 - 2014

Editor Staff (Intern)

I was responsible for preparing the news and video for a 60-minute news together with my teammates. The news and video are in English, we dubbed the video and edit the news read by the news anchor. This internship was a mandatory activity given by my university.

LBB Progressive Private Center

2014 - 2014

English Tutor

I was working as a part time worker during my seventh semester of college. I taught English to elementary school students and junior high school students for six months.

PT Indo Lingua Translocalize

2016 - 2016

Translator (Full time employee)

I worked as a translator for 3 months and had translated various legal documents, engineering websites, creative websites and TV series.

Cre8 Community and Workspace

2016 - now

Copywriter (Full time employee)

I'm responsible for making promotional script and captions for social media posts.

Education History

Universitas Brawijaya

2011 - 2015

English Literature (focusing on English Linguistics)

i studied various course on English linguistics and wrote an undergraduate thesis on Speech Styles. I graduated with 3.81 GPA on October 2015.