Umi Rahmawati
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About Me

I am experienced in taking translating projects in some fields, such as education (English, Science, Math), agriculture, and engineer. I took tourism and hospitality as one of subject focus. I can excel data entry and administration stuff, since I have experience in managing my organization by it.
I could translate 10 pages of journal article within a day, and entry the data in excel or word within appropriate time.
I am a bachelor from English major and experienced in some translation projects and data entry (Microsoft Office). I can work remotely and finish the project to fulfill your expectation.


Employment History

Education History

Universitas Tidar

2015 - 2019

Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris

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Hasil kerjaan bagus dan bisa diselesaikan lebih cepat dari deadlinesigitsalim
IDR 90,000
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Pulsa utk job "Data collection dan entry untuk listing tempat2 perawatan"
April 2021
Baik tapi masih bisa di improve di komunikasi dan akurasimegahf
IDR 135,000
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Baik tapi masih bisa di improve di komunikasi dan akurasimegahf
IDR 200,000