Anandaputra Wijil Ubhaya


About Me

- Wakil Perantara Perdagangan Efek (WPPE) Holder
- I rarely travel abroad. So go to a new place with limited language will be a challenge and an exciting experience for me.

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Education History

Bina Nusantara University
2007 - 2011


Employment History

Solid Gold Berjangka
2011 - 2012

Senior Business Consultant

I'm looking for client to invest in Jakarta Futures Exchange product through our company as broker. After that, I will give advice to my client until they are not longer trading.

PT Denko Wahana Sakti
2012 - 2012

Management Trainee

I'm still train to be a specialist in IBDN product. I'm under project division will sale all Belden networking product for enterprise needs.

PT Danareksa Sekuritas
2013 - 2013

Marketing Officer

I'm looking for client to invest in Danareksa Securities and Danareksa Investment Management product.

PT Phillip Securities Indonesia
2013 - now

Corporate Finance

- I'm looking for any news about IPO (From newspaper, online news, or connection). - Send a statement letter to other securities investment banking section that we interesting in syndication and selling agent. - Mostly I working as an admin. I recap client data who interested to buy ongoing IPO, make a power a attorney for BAE mostly, and fill out the order form.