Tony Darmasaputra

Business Development
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About Me

My work : Chief of Marketing Officer at
Business Development Associate at

My past work : Account Manager at PT. WGS (

My power :
- presentation product
- make a network
- get a deal from leads
- create marketing strategy
- making product analysis

Employment History

PT. Walden Global Services

2014 - 2015

Account Manager

Generate Leads into new client Presentation product & services Provide mockup, analytics, also IT solution Manage Account relationship with company Work together with developer , consultant, and client

2015 - now

Chief Of Marketing Officer

Membuat strategy pemasaran, bertanggung jawab atas generating leads into client, melakukan pemasaran dan brand awareness Menjalin kerja sama dengan berbagai perusahaan baik dalam atau luar negeri


2015 - now

Business Development Associate

Melakukan pemasaran dan pembuatan strategy marketing untuk ekspansi temploy ke indonesia, Meningkatkan user, Menjadi person of relationship temploy ke perusahaan Indonesia

Education History


2009 - 2012

Sistem Komputer

S1 Sistem komputer, dengan IPK 3.63


2013 - now

Magister Manajemen

S2 Magister Manajemen, semester 4, IPK sementara 3.83