Nita Apriyanti

Administration Project
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Employment History

PT. Ebiz Cipta Solusi

2013 - 2017

Project Admin and Admin HRD

- General Office Administration - Make monthly reports of absenteeism - Responsible for the admninistration and efficient daily operational cost (petty cash) - Manage a Meeting Room and invite people to attendance Meeting - Prepare the legal documents for the bidding company - Deliver documents and retrieve documents in customer - Make theletter–affidavit - Editemployee-ownedCV - Recapitalizethe contractdocuments

PT. Anabatic Technologies

2011 - 2012


- Receiving guests - Accepts incoming documents - Received a call - Set the course of office operations such as drivers, OB, and courier - Distribute incoming documents to employees - Usage reports photocopiers - Usage reports flexi phone bill - Office inventory usage reports such as books, pencils, pens, rulers, erasers, etc. - Helps HR to interview candidates mengganggil - Assist employees to call out office both domestically and abroad

Education History

SMK 17 Agustus 1945

2006 - 2009